Below is a list of common questions that we get asked on a regular basis.  If you still can’t find the information that you are after, please get in touch via email.

·    How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

The player must be turning 5 either at the beginning or during the season that he/she wishes to play.

·      Do you have a program for 5-7 year old?

We run our KickOff program for our littlest soccer stars which runs during the second and third school terms.

·       Can my child play with his/her friends?

We love to be able to get kids running around with their mates, and welcome “friend requests” however, please ensure that the friends are born in the same year, rather than attend the same grade at school.  To be placed in the same team, they must be born in the same year.  Also if a player is wanting to be placed in an existing team from the previous season and there isn’t a place, the friend request cannot be granted.


·      When will my child need to attend training?

Unfortunately at the beginning of the season we can’t always answer this question because generally it depends on the availability of the coach and the players within the team and you can’t ascertain that before being placed in a team.  It’s a bit of a chicken/egg situation.


·      When are the games?

All miniroos games are played on Saturdays, so up until U12 you will definitely play on a Saturday.  Once you hit U13 and up, the game days can vary from Saturday and Sunday and very rarely Friday nights.


·      Will we travel to other clubs?

Our U5/6/7 play inhouse so do not have to travel.  From U8 and up you will be required to travel to other clubs to play their teams.  Roughly every 2nd week will be an away game.


·      How far will we travel?

Generally the younger age groups will not have to travel too far.  Football Queensland try to create local “hubs”, however this isn’t always achieved purely due to the number of teams etc.  As your child gets older, the distance to travel will increase


·      How much does it cost to register?

In 2022 the fees are as follows:-

KickOff - $100 for one term, $170 for two

MiniRoos (U8-11) - $450

Juniors (U12-U16) - $550

Seniors - $550


·      Is there anything else to pay once registration fees are covered?

No.  RCFC’s fees are all inclusive.


·      Do we need to buy a uniform?

No.  RCFC includes your playing kit in the registration fees (This excludes our KickOff program where uniforms are not compulsory).  You can purchase additional kits for training if you wish. 


·      When do we have to pay the registration fee by?

All fees must be paid in order for the player to be placed in a team.  It is essential that registration fees be paid ASAP from registering, the Club will issue a cut-off date each season.  We can also set up payments plans and we do accept the governments “Get Started” vouchers.


·      How long is the season?

Very generally speaking, Term 2 and 3 of the school year is when the Winter soccer competition season runs, although juniors may start slightly earlier for preseason trials and grading.  Training for the U8 and upwards will generally start Mid March.


·      How do we register?

Registration is all done via our online form available in the “registrations” tab.


·      Once we have registered…then what?

Once you complete the registration process, we will have all of your contact details.  Wait to hear from us regarding teams and important dates etc.  Junior players will get contacted by their coach to start training, MiniRoos we will let you know when Muster Day/Night will be, which is when you find out your team etc.


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